WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Our Brand Mazaya

Since 2010, hookah lovers around the globe have gathered to enjoy memorable moments with Mazaya. Our tagline, Better Together, captures this spirit of togetherness which we celebrate and elevate. Those one-of-a-kind encounters leave a lasting mark and enrich life, making it worth living. Not only have we invited people into a world of warmth, joy and laughter, but we’ve also pioneered the world of tobacco-molasses throughout the process.

Our varied selection of hookah products stands apart from the competition while meeting and even exceeding our customers’ diverse and ever-changing demands.Since our brand entered the market, we have shown a steadfast commitment to producing tobacco-molasses at the highest caliber. The secret lies in our choice of all-natural ingredients and the finest French tobacco leaves found in our products. You can also count on the fact that our factory follows the highest international safety and quality standards.

Our Vision

Become the preferred hookah tobacco brand in the world by providing the best quality French tobacco, most innovative flavours and trendiest smoking accessories.

Our Mission

Delight hookah consumers around the world with the most enchanting and memorable smoking experience.

Our Values

Striving for excellence
Our goal is simple: We settle for excellence.

Cultivating a spirit of innovation
We’re always ahead of the curb because of our drive to innovate.

Providing diverse products
Our generous selection of flavours and smoking accessories aims to please all tastes. So long as you’re happy, we’re happy.

A commitment to openness
We run our business with integrity, transparency and honesty. We say what we mean and mean what we say.

Our Objectives

Maintain our standards through exceptional production quality and superior ingredients.

Delight our customers through a portfolio that has its pulse on the market and the latest trends.

Foster a relationship with our customers through an open and honest channel of communication.

Enhance moments and encourage Better Together encounters of two kinds:
– Social (friends + hookah)
– Solo (you + hookah)

Our Presence

Every year, we participate in numerous exhibitions in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Egypt, the United States of America, Jordan, Iraq and Brazil.

We also participate in international hookah fairs, such as:

• Intertabac – Dortmund
• ShishaMesse – Frankfurt
• World Tobacco Middle East – Dubai
• Hookah club Show – St. Petersburg
• Tobacco Plus Expo – Las Vegas
• Tax Free World Association – Cannes
• Middle East & Africa Duty Free Association Conference
• IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas – Orlando

We are the first hookah tobacco company admitted in the TFWA Cannes exhibition and one of the few Arab brands to exhibit there.

In less than 3 years: we expanded our reach into the Arab region, key EU markets, travel retail stores and key regional airports (e.g. Jordan, Beirut, Qatar and Kuwait).

In 5 years: we expanded our footprint to Asia, North and South America, Eastern Europe, and South and North Africa. We also moved into travel retail at Dubai and Bahrain duty-free as well as local borders and sea cruise duty-free shops.

In 2023: Mazaya is available in over 35 markets worldwide. We have a hybrid direct distribution network in Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, the UAE and Lebanon. We also boast the highest market share in the Levant region and rank third globally.

We sell one pack of tobacco-molasses every 8 seconds worldwide

Our Ingredients

Our tobacco-molasses products contain five key ingredients:


1. Honey: Our honey is exclusively produced in-house by experts whose close professional attention ensures that the syrup crystallizes into a smooth honey consistency.

2. Tobacco: We use the finest French tobacco (originating from a French tobacco plant).
What distinguishes it from other types of tobacco?
French tobacco only exists in short supply globally, making it more expensive than other types of tobacco. It is also relatively superior in quality because of its:

– Golden colour which does not change easily when adding the flavour to it, making our leaves the optimal choice for manufacturing molasses
– High absorption levels which allow leaves to soak up more liquid. As a result, leaves burn slower resulting in longer-lasting flavour
– Lower sugar levels than competing brands
– Low nicotine levels

3. Glycerine: We use medical glycerine with the 99.7 grading that is safe for human consumption.

4. Flavours: We use natural flavourings (food grade) in our molasses, which is the same type found in flavour additives used in foods and beverages.

5. Colouring: Countries have varying regulations about which colour molasses is allowed to enter the market. The colouring itself has no effect on the flavour whatsoever.

*Please note that the use of colouring is prohibited in some countries.